Election time is just around the corner

There are two things I love about elections.  First the entertaining commercials you see as each candidate tries to discredit the other candidates.  I kinda look at it as the fact that he who slings the most mud has the biggest mudhole to hide!  I rarely vote based on what a candidate says about themselves, but more how the criticss that I respect evaluate them, or my personal experience.

A few years back there was a candidate for governor that I remembered from personal experience.  Over 25 years ago I was working a serving line for a catering company (one of my many extra jobs)  and this person came through the line.  Most folks would look up, meet your eyes and either smile or say a hasty thank you showing that their mamas raised them right and they have a glimmer of manners.  This one person, he was a small time politico at the time, came through the line and continued to smooze the big wheels with never a thank you to any of the servers as he passed through.  Since he was one of the few that showed a lack of graciousness to those peons below him, I continued to notice through the night as I refilled tea glasses and  bussed tables.  He smiled and laughed with those who mattered.  Never did any of the servers or workers for the food service company ever get the slightest thank you.  As I see written today, people don’t remember what you said but how you made them feel.  I never forgot how he made me feel and when he ran for governor, he didn’t get my vote, nor did he win.  Karma does come back – ten fold!

Now the second thing I love about elections are the signs.  Reading them?  No!  I love to recycle the signs around the farm.  I try to contact the candidates with the large 4 x 4 and 4 x 6 signs along the road and offer to gather them or pick them up at their location after the election.  We recycle them into temporary roofs, chicken pooper shields (you would have to see that one) and many other uses around the farm.  This year we will be making recycling bins from them in addition to our many other uses.  We even take recycled styrofoam panels from a spa cover company, use them for insulation and then place the campaign signs over it to make a nice white ceiling in the barn.  Recycle, reuse, repurpose – the buzz words for frugality at our house.

Running for office?  Show your spirit and let me recycle your plastic signs!


About The Dancing Goat

A Yuppie turned Farmer in the middle of suburban Tampa!! Green is the color, sustainable is the lifestyle. Reuse, recycle and re-purpose!!!
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