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A Yuppie turned Farmer in the middle of suburban Tampa!! Green is the color, sustainable is the lifestyle. Reuse, recycle and re-purpose!!!

The Land of Happy – My trip to Cuba

This would suit me very well to live in the Pinar del Rio region and even a little farther north at the foot of the mountains. I could easily be a hermit traveling on horseback off the grid on solar – which I saw in the middle of nowhere and was so surprised. Continue reading

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Entering Decade #6

I am thankful to wake up this morning.  At least a third of those I graduated high school with didn’t do the same. I am thankful for my head full of white hair as it shows I am experienced and … Continue reading

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Eulogy for Coach Gray

I don’t think I have ever written an eulogy for a chicken before – I know I haven’t. But sometimes, there are those special two legged feathered critters with a beak on their face that crawl into your heart who … Continue reading

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Fugitive Roo Comes to the Farm

A few weeks ago I was contacted to take in a wayward backyard trespassing rooster from a certain  local Tampa Bay Community.  Just what I need, another mouth to feed that doesn’t produce anything but the morning alarm.  I put … Continue reading

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Facebook Farmers and Armchair Quarterbacks

Three seconds left in the fourth quarter and the kicker is in place.  The excited announcer bellows  “he drops, he punts, and it is outside the goal posts”.  The opposing team starts their celebration and the home team sulks into … Continue reading

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The Quail Chronicle

At times, husbands get a bug up their butt for a new quest.  I should be grateful it wasn’t gallivanting around the nudie bars or climbing Mt. Everest (as if he was able) but he wanted (me) to raise quail, … Continue reading

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So you want to be a farmer?

You devour every last tidbit of postings on Facebook from your local farmers.  You pick through their blogs for buzz words to store in your internal farm dictionary.  You learn how they pollinate the squash blossoms, what is trendy for … Continue reading

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